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The Northwoods Sporting Journal is Maine and the Northeast's most exciting, informative monthly sporting magazine. Featuring columns and stories from over 50 of New England's best outdoor writers, The Northwoods Sporting Journal offers fishing and hunting stories and information dealing with Maine's outdoors.

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The Northwoods Sporting Journal is the Northeast's most comprehensive, entertaining outdoor sporting magazine.

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The Northwoods Sporting Journal is where advertisers connect with the outdoor community to target potential customers.

Over 700 Stores in Maine

The Northwoods Sporting Journal is sold at more than 700 large and small retail outlets throughout northern New England. It is the most comprehensive sporting magazine in the Northeast.

Over 10,000 Monthly Readers

The combination of newsstand sales and mail subscribers gives the Sporting Journal a combined monthly circulation of about 10,000. Our time-tested “shelf life” at sporting lodges and outfitters makes our actual readership much more. Don’t take our word for it! Ask a sporting camp owner. Take a glance at the lodge’s nearest coffee table or reading nook. The Sporting Journal is the most comprehensive Sporting Magazine in the Northeast.

Readers in New England & Canada

Although the Sporting Journal is the outdoor read anywhere in northern New England and the Canadian Maritimes, we have many subscribers in Massachusetts and other areas of New England.

Print & Digital Options Available

The printed version of the Sporting Journal continues to be the flagship of our outdoor communication mediums. However, our new, improved website makes our digital version of the magazine available to all. Best of all, there is no charge for the digital issues. The Sporting Journal is the most comprehensive Sporting Magazine in the Northeast.

Like a topline set of truck tires, this gives your advertising dollar extended mileage. Advertise in the digital magazine and on the website itself. Contact us at 207-732-4880 or email [email protected] for prices and more information.

Long Shelf Life & Wide Presence

As we like to say, “The Sporting Journal has a shelf life. It hangs around longer than an old wool hunting shirt or tired gun dog beside a fireplace.”

We like to think that this shelf life is a product of our publication’s personality, thoughtful, seasoned outdoor writers, and exciting advertising displays. Distributing free issues of expired Journals at New England sportsman shows and other outlets help that shelf life, too.

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The Northwoods Sporting Journal is the largest hunting & fishing magazine in the Northeast.