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Night Killers: Blood Lusting Poachers

  Night Killers Blood Lusting Poachers By Timothy C. Flanigan Retired Pennsylvania Game Warden, Timothy C. Flanigan, puts the reader in the right-hand seat on night patrol. In his new book, Night Killers: Blood Lusting Poachers, he recounts incidents of investigating, pursuing, arresting, and prosecuting villainous NIGHT KILLERS encountered during his 30-year career in these … Continued


Maine Deer Hunter’s Logbook By V. Paul Reynolds From Islandport Press, a seasoned Maine outdoorsman retraces his steps with precision, poignancy and pluck. “Backtrack” will deepen your connection to the outdoors, bring a smile, and may even stir your soul. From deer camps and green drakes and tips and recipes, to outdoor calamities and astonishing … Continued

Maine Deer Hunter’s Logbook

  By V. Paul Reynolds For the diehard deer hunter: A 181 page authentic Maine hunting book, loaded with photos. A keepsake edition written by veteran hunter and Northwoods Sporting Journal editor V. Paul Reynolds, “A Maine Deer Hunter’s Logbook” has been a popular book with readers of the Northwoods Sporting Journal and continues to … Continued

Fly Fishing Maine

The book I should have written years ago. Foreword by the late George Smith (Maine’s most visible fishing and fish promoter,) along with chapters from many of the best-known outdoor personalities in the state, and artwork from Maine artists David Footer and Karen Talbot, make this a unique book.  Offered in the popular and convenient … Continued

Mr. Bean’s Boot

  Mr. Bean‘s Boot is one of over a dozen books and novels written by native Mainer, Bud Simpson. “I opened the covers of a 1904 copy of In the Maine Woods magazine and turned the pages. What I found on page 170 made my eyes pop open. I was looking at a photograph of an … Continued

Conversations with Tim and Buzz Caverly

. “Conversations” is Tim Caverly’s latest book, the 12th of the Allagash Tails series. Brothers Buzz and Tim Caverly have spent a lifetime working in the Maine outdoors. Both are, indeed, bonafide legends in their own time and both dedicated their working lives to public service and outdoor recreation, Buzz as a ranger and director … Continued

Trolling Flies for Trout and Salmon

  At long last, revived from the fishing book archives, THE authoritative book on New England streamer flies – how to tie them and how to use them. Trolling Flies for Trout and Salmon by Dick Stewart and Bob Leeman. This book was first published in 1982 and again in 1992. The book comprises 125 … Continued

Fly Fishing the Hex Hatch

Author Leighton Wass’s 34 years of fishing the Hexagenia mayfly hatch makes this 310- page book with its 250-plus photos and illustrations a must-read for experienced fly anglers and novices alike. Topics addressed include how to predict the timing of a Hex Hatch, how to be prepared for an evening of fishing, the author’s top … Continued

From Within – Intrigue on the Allagash

Experience Maine’s Allagash with retired Supervisor Tim Caverly in his new book “From Within- Intrigue on the Allagash.” Allagash Ranger James Clark has taken an oath to uphold Maine laws. But what happens when politics demand differently? To order this book send a check for $16.80 plus $3.50 for postage to: Tim Caverly 220 Morgan … Continued

Stories from a New England Hunter

Joe Judd is a lifelong hunter and sportsman. He is an outdoor writer, seminar speaker, member of the New England Outdoor Writers Association, and a 2019 inductee into the N.E. Turkey Hunting Hall of Fame. Joe is also a 30 year member of the Quaker Boy Game Calls Pro Staff and serves as a regional … Continued

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