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Furnace Brook Knives

By V. Paul Reynolds Although Vermonter Scott Hawley made his living crafting fine furniture, making things out of iron -blacksmithing – always held a fascination. Hawley’s Dad was a machinist and his grandfather was a blacksmith by vocation. Around 2008, Hawley was asked by a friend to fashion a hunting knife for him. On the … Continued

Summer Fishing Spots

By Al Cowperthwaite The first of July usually is prime time for the green drake hatch and larger fish in these waters become as aggressive then more than any other time of the season. With all the rainfall in June, water levels are above normal for the month of July. Canoeing should continue into the … Continued

Best Spring Trout Flies

BY Bob Leeman My dear friend, Bill Bowdoin, a longtime fly fishing buddy from Brewer, now long-since passed away, was a more avid trout caster than I—and that’s saying something! It’s a long story how we met, but too long for this article. But after we continued to fly fish together for brook trout, we … Continued

Wives Who Hunt

By V. Paul Reynolds Wives Who Hunt Probably not a politically correct title for an article in a post-modern, gender-confused culture, right? After all, many women – married or not – simply take up hunting because they want to, not because their significant other sparked their interest, or brought them along in the blood sports. … Continued

Two Warden Tales

By Kale O’Leary As we approached a house on the north side of the road, I watched as the brake lights came on the pickup truck and it came to a stop on the paved road. I slowed down and waited to see what was about to unfold. When it comes to investigating wildlife crimes … Continued

Spring Fishing Plans

By V. Paul Reynolds My all time most memorable trout fishing experience in the park was at Center Pond. No lunkers, but incredibly fast action on respectable brookies. Although the Florida Keys has become my winter retreat until April, my daydreams beneath the swaying palm fronds and soaring pelicans had already begun in February to … Continued

The Redemption Bear

BY John Floyd There is nothing more disheartening than when a client misses a bear. The time invested in setup, the anticipation and expectations on a bear stand with good bears coming in suddenly crashes in flames with the missed opportunity. It happens. On the opposite end of the emotional spectrum, there isn’t a much … Continued

Tying the Barnsie

By Bob Leeman While fly casting for landlocked salmon at Grand Lake Stream a few years ago, I spotted a good-sized fish waiting for a morsel to float by, while hiding behind a sunken boulder across the flow. My first offer was a Bob’s White Marabou Muddler fly, flicked to the upper current just above … Continued

Hastie’s Hut

By V. Paul Reynolds   “There. Right there on that point. I’m gonna build a camp there,” my ice fishing buddy exclaimed as we drove our snowsleds up and down the south shore of Seboeis Lake. It was February of 1967. I was a young man just out of the Navy and back in Maine, … Continued

Spring Gobbler Secrets

By Stu Bristol Are there any “secrets” left to learn about spring gobbler hunting or has everything been written, using the same old tactics with a new twist? Wild turkey hunting legend, Ben Lee told me this way back in the early 1970’s, when literally no one in New England had a clue how to … Continued

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