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The Legend of Sneaky Pete

By John Floyd It was a cold and crisp November morning, late in the firearms season when I mounted my stand. The ladder steps were frosted over and the metal slick as I ascended the fifteen feet to my perch. A hard frost had come in overnight and as I looked up through the tree … Continued

The Whitetail Flag

BY Mark McCollough I am a dyed-in-the-wool still hunter – always was, always will be. My father taught me this type of deer hunting when I was a small lad. “Know the wind, and always choose to hunt a piece of woods so the wind is in your face. Take one careful step forward. Stop … Continued

Opening Day

By Jonah Paris Opening day of deer season is a landmark in the Maine sportsman’s year. Rifles have been sighted in. Clothes are carefully laid out the night prior. The pack is stuffed with essentials: compass, GPS, knife, lighter, flashlight, license, rope, game tags, an apple, and a few chocolate bars. The weather forecast has … Continued

Back Seat Shooters

By V. Paul Reynolds Four cow elk answered the call. On cue the elk emerged from the aspens and began to mill about along the edge of the small creek that meandered through the wide open drainage. Nothing but tall sweet grass between us and the elk. But it was a long shot. Wife, in … Continued

New Deer Rifles

By Tom Kelly It’s that time of year again. The time of year we all wait for. I am of course talking about hunting season. The days are cooler, the nights are getting chilly, and our thoughts are consumed with filling the freezer with venison and hanging a big rack on the wall. Most of … Continued

Grouse Hunting Basics

By Paul Fuller      Due to last year’s outstanding grouse season, I’ve never had so many emails asking about grouse hunting.  Plus, most of the major grouse camps are booked for this fall.  You can separate yourself from the maddening crowd by being just a little smarter about your approach to grouse hunting.  Here’s … Continued

Moose: Shot Placement

By V. Paul Reynolds A big target, a moose. What do you aim for? There have always been different schools of thought on this question. Wives tales abound. Moose are Maine’s largest big game animal by far. Bulls have been known to top the scales in excess of 1,000 lbs! Because of their sheer size … Continued

The Venerable 30:06

  By Tom Kelly All of the bear species have been taken with a .30-06, moose, elk, bison, musk ox, wolves, coyotes, and every species of deer have been dispatched. Was this the optimum choice for each of these animals? Perhaps not, but nonetheless, it did the job. The Round There is an old saying … Continued

Big Moose Tactics

By Nathan Theriault You have been drawn for a once-in-a-lifetime moose tag. Or maybe, second, third or fourth. If that is the case, you are extremely lucky or blessed. There’s nothing wrong with a little of both, if it gets you a tag. However, being lucky alone does not work so well today with filling … Continued

Good News for Maine Deer Yards!

By V. Paul Reynolds     There is very good news for Maine’s whitetail deer. LD 404, an Act to Preserve Deer Habitat, a deer-yard protection measure is a done deal! Not in all my years in reporting on the Maine outdoors can I recall a single legislative initiative with such potential to salvage Maine’s … Continued

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