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Deer Yards: Can We Save Them?

By David Trahan It is hard to believe, but at one time northern Maine was a world-renowned destination for adventure seeking whitetail deer hunters on a quest to harvest 200+ pound bucks. Any Sunday during the November deer season, trucks and cars would pour out of northern Maine with big bucks tied to the top … Continued

What Flyline and When

BY Bob Leeman Are some of these lines better than other flylines? Actually, despite differing in color and price, a (WF) weight forward floating flyline will do what they say they do-that is, float better and perhaps longer, if coated. The Question Do you really know how many kinds of flylines are available to anglers … Continued

Game Camera Buck

By Bud Utecht   With the camera set to video, I was able to watch him thrashing the branch above him and paw at the scrape. Now I was pretty thrilled that he had been there and it was boosting my long- gone confidence in this spot. I have read a few articles recently, even … Continued

The Fabled Fisher

By Bud Utecht     Winter and spring seem to be the best times to get pictures of fisher. This is the time they travel great distances in search of food. Mustelids, my favorite group of wild animals. Who are these creatures? Mink, Marten, Fisher, Otter, and Weasel. These creatures are very misunderstood and quite … Continued

Famous Trolling Flies

By Bob Leeman During those early years of streamer fly designs, there were many recognized creators of new streamer fly concoctions. Even today, the avocation of creating and fly tying continues to increase in popularity. Most of Maine and New England’s lake and trollers and streamer fly assemblers would remember Carrie Stevens, noted creator of … Continued

The Early Hatches

By Matt LaRoche     The Hendrickson hatch is the first hatch of the season on the river. It usually occurs on or about Memorial Day weekend. I worked on the West Branch of the Penobscot as Park Manager of the Penobscot River Corridor for over 20-years. During those years, I had the opportunity to … Continued

Talking With Turkeys

  By Stu Bristol A wise old southern turkey hunter once told me I would begin to learn about wild turkeys the first day out and it would take the rest of my life to try and learn the rest. After nearly five decades of chasing wild turkeys and killing more than my share, it’s … Continued

Streamer Size Matters

By Ben Rioux What many anglers fail to realize is that when it comes to smelt imitation (or really any imitation patterns for that matter), size plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of any pattern. April marks the traditional start of open water fishing in the state of Maine, but as I’ve noted in … Continued

North Woods Wet Flies

By Bob Romano In addition, many of the northern New England rivers and streams are characterized by fast-running rapids and runs, preventing fish from closely examining insects. Anglers traveling to northern New England may be surprised to find that although there is a time and place to cast dry flies, on most days, fishing under … Continued

Return of the King

BY V. Paul Reynolds There is one angling odyssey, however, that is above all others, a fishing experience that for me eclipses in a profound way the other outstanding fishing experiences. As a fisherman, I have been blessed. In more than 60 years of dedicated recreational angling, many memorable fishing adventures have come my way. … Continued

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