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More Moose Permits

By: Lee Kantar The spruce budworm outbreak of the 1970s created widespread moose habitat across the commercial forestlands of Maine spurring an increase in moose numbers through the late 1990s. While this was great for moose hunters and wildlife watchers alike, animal populations that grow too dense can create problems when too many animals are … Continued

The Mystery of Big Bog

By Kale  O’Leary   In the spring of 1923, closure was finally brought to the case, or so they thought, as the bodies of Brown and Johnson were discovered in the water at Big Bog. One man was found in the Dam, while the other was found downstream. Throughout the fall and winter of 1922, … Continued

The Grouse Blunder

By V. Paul Reynolds   A number of years ago when I was a working newspaper editor, the silent unsung heroes of the newsroom operation were the “copy editors” on the copy desk. These word and fact sleuths did not wear green eye shades or elastic arm bands, but they were meticulous and detail oriented … Continued

Black Powder Opportunities

By Josh Reynolds  Yes, while the rut is winding down, the bigger, dominant bucks are still looking to breed in December – just like us, when the testosterone is still flowing. They are still on the hunt. The nicest deer I’ve ever shot happened during muzzleloader season, but before that, I was still a fan … Continued

The Mystery of Bog Bog: Part II

By Maine Game Warden Kale O’Leary   According to a newspaper article published in an unknown newspaper from November of 1938, Chief Warden Brown and Warden Johnson hiked from Caucomgomoc Lake on November 12th and arrived at Loon Lake the following day. I was a brand-new Game Warden, attending the Advanced Warden Academy in the spring of … Continued

The Ammo Shortage

By V. Paul Reynolds During the first half of this year, nationwide firearms sales increased by 95 %! Between January and July of this year, 5 million Americans bought their first gun. FBI background checks on potential gun buyers are 72% higher than last year. Have you tried to buy any ammunition lately? Good luck. … Continued

November Grouse Great!

By Paul Fuller Late season grouse hunting can be very productive.  Although October provides us with the beauty of fall, it’s not necessarily the best time to hunt grouse.  If the ground is fairly snow free, November can be an exceptional time to pursue the “King”.  Why November? What makes November an ideal time to hunt the … Continued

Lever Guns for Deer

By John Floyd The biggest drawback in the past when hunting with a lever gun has been ammunition. Most guns used a tubular magazine which meant having to load only round or flat nosed bullets like the .30-30 Win and .45-70 Govt. When most folks think of lever action rifles, the first thing that comes … Continued

Best Maine Deer Guns

By V. Paul Reynolds Recently on my statewide Sunday night talk radio program, Maine Outdoors (on the Blueberry Broadcasting Network), I chatted by phone with John Floyd. He is a guide-outfitter and gun writer for the Northwoods Sporting Journal. Floyd had agreed in advance to focus his comments on one of the most hotly discussed … Continued

October: The Sportsman’s Gift

  By Dennis Jensen The month of October is a gift, a gift of memories and the gift of today. Sitting at the desk, staring into the vertical, empty white space on my computer, I am trying to come up with a good topic for, arguably, the most challenging month of the year, at least for … Continued

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