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Sunday Hunting: Is There a Compromise?

By Josh Cottrell Sunday hunting in Maine. It is a popular topic among hunters, especially in the fall. Hunters feel like they are being robbed of a day to be in the woods hunting. Non-hunters believe they are preserving a day to be in the woods not worried about hunters. This topic has been hashed … Continued

Shadowing a Big Buck Hunter

By Brian Connor Rick Labbe is the most unassuming, kindest hardcore deer slayer you will ever meet. At 5’8” he doesn’t have the imposing frame of a lumberjack—which is a job he did plenty of before building a successful construction company—but what he lacks in build he more than compensates for in lean, efficient, boundless … Continued

The New Marlins

By Tom Kelly Most folks know by now that Ruger Manufacturing purchased Marlin Firearms in the Remington Bankruptcy proceedings last year. The question has been, when will we see new Marlin products from Ruger, and will they still be Marlins. Well, the wait is over. The first new Marlin rifles rolled off the proverbial line … Continued

Anticosti Hunts: New Options

By Mark Cote In last month’s edition of Northwoods Journal I announced the acquisition of the Safari Anticosti territory. Since then, the level of excitement is off the charts at Sepaq Anticosti! The new lodges, cabins, another airport, and most importantly, Safari employees joining the Sepaq organization brings many more opportunities to clients of both … Continued

Mythical Maine Creatures

BY Mark McCollough Jet-black darkness and a fearsome January wind slithered through the cracks in the logging camp. Wool socks and leather chopper mittens steamed by the pot-bellied stove. Their acrid stench mingled with the belches and farts from yet another meal of pork and beans. Kerosene lanterns flickered dimly at either end of the … Continued

Grace in the Deer Woods

By V. Paul Reynolds A veteran game warden once told me that his career had taught him that, like the general population, most sportsmen are polite and law abiding, but there is that 10 percent that just don’t give a damn. My experience is that hunters all harbor different values or perceptions when it comes … Continued

The Legend of Sneaky Pete

By John Floyd It was a cold and crisp November morning, late in the firearms season when I mounted my stand. The ladder steps were frosted over and the metal slick as I ascended the fifteen feet to my perch. A hard frost had come in overnight and as I looked up through the tree … Continued

The Whitetail Flag

BY Mark McCollough I am a dyed-in-the-wool still hunter – always was, always will be. My father taught me this type of deer hunting when I was a small lad. “Know the wind, and always choose to hunt a piece of woods so the wind is in your face. Take one careful step forward. Stop … Continued

Opening Day

By Jonah Paris Opening day of deer season is a landmark in the Maine sportsman’s year. Rifles have been sighted in. Clothes are carefully laid out the night prior. The pack is stuffed with essentials: compass, GPS, knife, lighter, flashlight, license, rope, game tags, an apple, and a few chocolate bars. The weather forecast has … Continued

Back Seat Shooters

By V. Paul Reynolds Four cow elk answered the call. On cue the elk emerged from the aspens and began to mill about along the edge of the small creek that meandered through the wide open drainage. Nothing but tall sweet grass between us and the elk. But it was a long shot. Wife, in … Continued

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