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The Buck Moon

By Joe Judd I was reminded recently, that the full moon in the month just passed is often referred to as “The Buck Moon”! Now, I might have already known this and simply forgotten it, and perhaps you knew this as well! But all it took was a little research to remember that the “Buck … Continued

Bull Named Yukon

By Nathan Theriault Being a bush pilot certainly has its perks. Aside from acquisition cost, operating cost and of course everything that goes into achieving a Private Pilot License and maintaining it. With this investment of time and money it has helped us to put eyes on bulls many wouldn’t have ever seen. The bull … Continued

Love at First Bite

BY V. Paul Reynolds No matter how many years you visit a place like this, you do not take it for granted. Most remarkable is how this particular place has changed little in more than a half century. The fishing is almost as good as it was when I first fished it so long ago. … Continued

Muzzleloading Black Bears

BY Al Raychard Although there is little doubt that light muzzleloader bullets will kill a bear with proper shot placement, one thing I have noticed in these camp talks and discussions is the general consensus among experienced bear hunters is the heavier the bullet the better. September is just around the corner and for a … Continued

Hiring a Moose Guide

By Erin Merrill and John Floyd Hiring A Moose Guide: Some Tips Erin Merrill has hired a few guides to help her; most recently, in 2021 when she drew a moose tag. John Floyd is a Registered Maine Guide and the owner of Tucker Ridge Outdoors in Webster Plantation, Maine. Together, they discuss thoughts, questions … Continued

Last Stand at Papa’s Point

BY V. Paul Reynolds “How does a man know when he’s just too damned old to hunt elk?” I asked. “Well, sir, when he stops going.” Editor’s note: This article first appeared in the Nov.-Dec. issue of Bugle Magazine, which is published by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF). It is reprinted here with permission … Continued

The Green Drake Hatch

Matt LaRoche   The green drake is one of the most geographically widespread mayflies in North America and an important part of the food chain in clean unspoiled lakes and ponds. Have you ever been on a wild brook trout pond during the green drake hatch? If so, you are probably still talking about it! … Continued

Furnace Brook Knives

By V. Paul Reynolds Although Vermonter Scott Hawley made his living crafting fine furniture, making things out of iron -blacksmithing – always held a fascination. Hawley’s Dad was a machinist and his grandfather was a blacksmith by vocation. Around 2008, Hawley was asked by a friend to fashion a hunting knife for him. On the … Continued

Summer Fishing Spots

By Al Cowperthwaite The first of July usually is prime time for the green drake hatch and larger fish in these waters become as aggressive then more than any other time of the season. With all the rainfall in June, water levels are above normal for the month of July. Canoeing should continue into the … Continued

Best Spring Trout Flies

BY Bob Leeman My dear friend, Bill Bowdoin, a longtime fly fishing buddy from Brewer, now long-since passed away, was a more avid trout caster than I—and that’s saying something! It’s a long story how we met, but too long for this article. But after we continued to fly fish together for brook trout, we … Continued

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