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The Anticosti Experience

By V. Paul Reynolds   Anticosti. Just drop this single word before any dedicated deer hunter and you immediately spark visions of a deer hunter’s paradise, a mythical place of dreams, where whitetails abound in a wild setting of dense black spruce thickets, daily snow squalls, winding rivers and low-lying open bogs. The ads and … Continued

Bear Season Tactics

  By Jerome Richard About 3 to 4 days before the hunt starts, I cut back hard on the bait by leaving only 1/3 of the normal bait in order to draw the bear out earlier during legal hunting hours. Bear season is here again! Whether you hunt over bait with a firearm or bow, … Continued

The Bear Rifles

Maine Deer Hunter’s Logbook By Tom Kelly I ask my bear hunting clients to come to camp with a rifle of at least .30 caliber. If you have ever read this column before, you have heard this many times, so I will not repeat my reasons why. Rather than my opinions, lets look at results … Continued

Deer Hunting: Old School

By Blaine Cardilli Everybody talks “woodsmanship” and how to develop it but we all know it takes years of experience afield to become familiar with the ways and workings of nature. You don’t think much about it; you just one day wake up and realize you’ve developed an understanding of your surroundings. “Kip” Sylvester and … Continued

Best Deer Hunt Ever

By Dave O’Connor Deer hunting is a fun way to spend a few days even if you come home without any venizon. But, some truely memorable hunts stick inside the brain for decades. There was the huge buck I was tracking in heavy snow. He stood up. I fired. I was so sure I had … Continued

Talking With Turkeys

  By Stu Bristol A wise old southern turkey hunter once told me I would begin to learn about wild turkeys the first day out and it would take the rest of my life to try and learn the rest. After nearly five decades of chasing wild turkeys and killing more than my share, it’s … Continued

Trophy Buck Hunters: The Common Thread

  Maine Deer Hunter’s Logbook By V. Paul Reynolds There are deer hunters and, then, there are buck hunters. Which are you? Of course, you say, we are all buck hunters, one way or another. Any Maine deer hunter who does not have a doe tag is a buck hunter, right? True, but there are … Continued

More Moose Permits

By: Lee Kantar The spruce budworm outbreak of the 1970s created widespread moose habitat across the commercial forestlands of Maine spurring an increase in moose numbers through the late 1990s. While this was great for moose hunters and wildlife watchers alike, animal populations that grow too dense can create problems when too many animals are … Continued

The Maine Whitetail Deer

Maine Deer Hunter’s Logbook by Gerry Lavigne Maine is home to one of the largest of the 30 recognized subspecies of white-tailed deer. After attaining maturity at age five, our bucks can reach record live weights of nearly 400 lbs. Most adult bucks, however will normally range from 200 to 300 lbs live weight, and … Continued

Maine’s Record Buck: The Whole Story

Maine Deer Hunter’s Logbook By Richard Bernier For unexplainable reasons even to Horace, he never moved or made a sound. Something within (a gut feeling most successful hunters have learned to trust) told him there was more action to come. No sooner had that thought passed when the buck of any hunter’s dream was sneaking … Continued

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