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He Handles the Thieves

By Dave O’Connor   Duck season was due to open the following morning. We were late getting out of work and slightly tired when we got to Home Base, the hunting camp in the backwaters of Merrymeeting Bay. That something was wrong was easy to see, the door was open, the lock smashed. The old … Continued

Why Try Brand

By Dave O’Connor “So you’re trying to be like Herself, just a bit of downright cussedness that runs to your core?” He was ugly. I suppose in looking back on it that he was probably right to think that I was selling him down the drain. It wasn’t that I made a practice of it, … Continued

The Blackpowder Bruiser

By Hal Blood At 3 o’clock after traveling through the open country, he headed into the green growth. I told Will that we would leave him for the night and pick up the track in the morning. Another deer season is in the books. Congratulations to all of you that punched your tag. I have … Continued

Last Gun Dog

  By V. Paul Reynolds   The huge, bear-like dog came out of nowhere. It pounced upon Sally and clamped its big jaws around her throat grinding her into the dirt. My 15-year old, frail English Setter kicked and yelped in pain as the St. Bernard shook her like a rag doll. I yelled and … Continued

Hillary: The Horse with Attitude

By V. Paul Reynolds Half way down the mountain a creek crosses the road. Approaching the creek, I could tell that the dirt-covered ice was making this horse skittish. At the creek’s edge, Hillary put on the brakes. Not until I took some lessons in riding and horse handling from Nichole Rackcliff at M & … Continued

The Bear Rifles

By Tom Kelly I ask my bear hunting clients to come to camp with a rifle of at least .30 caliber. If you have ever read this column before, you have heard this many times, so I will not repeat my reasons why. Rather than my opinions, lets look at results and the types of … Continued

Trophy Buck Hunters: The Common Thread

By V. Paul Reynolds There are deer hunters and, then, there are buck hunters. Which are you? Of course, you say, we are all buck hunters, one way or another. Any Maine deer hunter who does not have a doe tag is a buck hunter, right? True, but there are a few stalwart deer hunters … Continued

Deer Hunting: Old School

By Blaine Cardilli Everybody talks “woodsmanship” and how to develop it but we all know it takes years of experience afield to become familiar with the ways and workings of nature. You don’t think much about it; you just one day wake up and realize you’ve developed an understanding of your surroundings. “Kip” Sylvester and … Continued

A Good Tracking Day

By Hal Blood As I write this column, we just wrapped up the first week of deer season. Like many years we had some tracking snow up here in the Jackman area. Most of it came in the form of heavy squalls on Wednesday that weren’t predicted in any forecast, quite common here as the … Continued

My Remington 7600

By Josh Reynolds   My active duty stint in the U.S. Army ended in May of 1999. With a newly minted DD214 in hand, I left Ft. Hood Texas bound for a new job in the civilian world at Twin Pine Camps in Millinocket. I was excited about the new adventure working in the North … Continued

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