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Sporting Journal’s Top Shelf Game & Fish Recipes

Bear Bourguignon 1. Sauté 1/4 c. Butter with 1/2 lb shrooms, 1/2 lb small white onions and 1 tsp. Sugar. Then set aside in a bowl. 2. Fry 3 strips of bacon until crispy. Crumble and add to the veggies. 3. In the bacon grease brown 2 lbs of bear meat (stew cut). 4. Add … Continued

Best Spots in Maine for Summer Moose Sightings

  By V. Paul Reynolds Of course, each WMA (Wildlife Management Area) has its own unique terrain and habitat, but there are common denominators: bogs and dead waters are always a good bet, as well as small ponds with lily pads and other aquatic vegetation. Time of day is also key when shopping around for … Continued

A Spring Canoe Fishing Trip on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway

By Matt LaRoche A spring canoe trip on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway (AWW) is an exciting way to start the open water fishing season. Combining fishing and canoeing goes together like cooking bacon and eggs for breakfast. The smelt runs start soon after ice out on the waterway headwater lakes. Brook trout and togue follow … Continued

The Canoe

By T.J. Coongate   “What’s that old boat in the loft of the barn?” I asked Uncle Arnold as he fried brook trout in a big cast iron frying pan. Me and Joe were seated in the kitchen of my Uncle Arnold’s old farmhouse waiting patiently for the first trout fry of the season. We … Continued

Decline in Woodsmanship

Maine Deer Hunter’s Logbook By Hal Blood As I said in my last column, I’m amazed at how many hunters today can’t even use a compass. That is why very few hunters venture more than a quarter of a mile from a road. Last month I wrote about the lack of navigation skills that keeps … Continued

The Cougar Sightings

  By V. Paul Reynolds For almost as long as I have been writing about the Maine outdoors, this fascinating question has persisted: “Are there mountain lions (cougars) in Maine?” In a way, the elusive and mysterious cougar has become somewhat of a Maine folklore icon, the Maine equivalent of Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest. … Continued

The Last Camp Geezer

  Maine Deer Hunter’s Logbook By V. Paul Reynolds Back when America produced real leaders, one of them – Gen. Douglas MacArthur – said in one of his famous speeches that “old soldiers never die, they just fade away.” Maybe the same is true of old sportsmen. As a stalwart deer hunter from the Old … Continued

Cougar Encounters in Maine

Cougar Encounters in Maine Editor’s note: There are a variety of names that connote the same animal: mountain lion, cougar, panther, puma and catamount. Tiff Shuttlesworth, Brewer “In November of 2019 I saw, unmistakably, a cougar walking along the wooded edge of my back yard early one morning. (I have 8 acres surrounded by large … Continued

Mysteries of Survival

  By V. Paul Reynolds   In America today a once respectable word has taken on negative connotations. The word “survivalist,” to the average contemporary news consumer, conjures a vision of a bearded, wild-eyed anarchist who shoots at FBI agents from his mountain cabin. Yet there are other kinds of survivalists, from mountain climbers and … Continued

Hillary: The Horse with Attitude

Maine Deer Hunter’s Logbook By V. Paul Reynolds Half way down the mountain a creek crosses the road. Approaching the creek, I could tell that the dirt-covered ice was making this horse skittish. At the creek’s edge, Hillary put on the brakes. Not until I took some lessons in riding and horse handling from Nichole … Continued

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