Results of Maine Deer Hunter Survey

Edited by V. Paul Reynolds



The Northwoods Sporting Journal received 59 responses to its deer hunter survey. These responses have been collated and are reported below. Although the statistical validity of this survey may not comply with scientific protocols, it does lend some anecdotal insights into what Maine deer hunters are thinking and doing when it comes to any-deer permits and the harvesting of does.

Bottom Line

For me, the two most striking “takeways” are these: 1) The average time that respondent Maine deer hunters have been hunting is 47.5 years! We are an aging demographic! 2) While almost half of the respondents agree that the any-deer permit system works to control deer numbers, a large percentage of those who don’t indicated a lack of knowledge, confusion or uncertainty about the any-deer permit system and how it works.

Meat hunters or trophy hunters? Among those who responded to this question, an overwhelming majority indicated that they hunted for the meat, not the antlers. In fact, only 14 of 59 said that they were trophy hunters. I expected a larger portion of the sample to be big-buck trophy hunters.

If you look closely there is a contradiction. If the clear majority are self-confessed meat hunters, why does that same majority indicate that they hold out for a buck until the last week of the hunt?

Interestingly enough, a majority of the respondents indicate that they DON’T apply for second and third choices for hunting zones? Perhaps the Department needs to revisit this option in the any-deer permit applications.

Those who didn’t care for the any-deer permit system were invited to offer other ideas, and there were a number of different suggestions, as indicated below.

Finally, responses to the age-old question, “Why do you hunt?” were all indicative of how most Maine deer hunters simply “love the hunt,” and that the passion runs deep. Common threads are solitude, exercise, camaraderie, and healthy meat.

If you missed a chance to respond to the the survey, or have some thoughts that you’d like to share, please email me at : [email protected].

NWSJ 2021 Quick Deer Hunter Survey
As explained in this month’s editorial, Maine wildlife biologists’ chief doe management tool – the issuance of any-deer (doe) permits to control doe population numbers in southern and coastal Maine– has been less precise because of more hunters apparently holding out for a buck and not using their doe permits. Augusta wildlife officials and policymakers are hoping to develop some solutions to this problem at the legislative level. To this end, we are conducting this informal, unscientific deer hunter survey in hopes of generating some insight into deer hunter behavior and decision making.

1. How many years have you been deer hunting in Maine? _Average 47.5 years_____

2. Do you apply each year for an Any-Deer (doe) Permit?_46 yes/ 9 No_________

3. If you draw a doe permit, do you still hold out for a buck?_Yes 13/ No 13_____If so, how long___Last week_______?

4. If deer numbers are down after a tough winter, are you more likely to use your doe permit early in the season?_Yes 14/ No 41__________

5. Do you consider yourself a meat hunter or trophy hunter? Meat 41/ Trophy 8______________

6. Do you believe that the any-deer permit lottery is the most effective way to manage deer numbers?__Yes 31/ No 24* Those not sure counted as “no’s”____

7. If you answered “no” to the above question, what do you think would be a better system? A number of answers: Point system for bucks/ shoot does during even number years/ have no harvest years by districts/ issue both buck and doe permits, like the moose season/ doe permits to landowners/ require harvesting a doe to receive buck permit.

8. When you apply for an any-deer permit, do you fill out the other second and third choices for hunting zones? Yes 25/ No 30

9. Would you continue to hunt in Maine if you were required to tag a doe before legally hunting a buck? Yes 49/ No 6

10. Why do you hunt? Meat/ solitude/exercise/ friendships/ love to hunt/family

11. Optional questions: 1) What is your, name, address, telephone, email address and date of birth?

2) Would you be willing to be contacted by the Northwoods Sporting Journal for additional information about your hunting practices and views?

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