Conversations with Tim and Buzz Caverly


“Conversations” is Tim Caverly’s latest book, the 12th of the Allagash Tails series. Brothers Buzz and Tim Caverly have spent a lifetime working in the Maine outdoors. Both are, indeed, bonafide legends in their own time and both dedicated their working lives to public service and outdoor recreation, Buzz as a ranger and director in Baxter State Park and Tim as Supervisor of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway for 18 years.

Outdoor Legends

Combined, the brothers spent 78 years as conservation officers overseeing Maine’s two premiere wilderness sanctuaries. Face it, you just don’t do this amount of time managing and protecting beloved wilderness retreats without racking up real-life adventures and a repertoire of memorable outdoor stories.

“Conversations” is aptly named. Squeezed between its 254 pages and 25 chapters are stories that were generated when the Caverlys simply sat down with a cup of coffee and one of Susan’s cookies and chatted and reflected about their years on the job.

Enjoyable Read

This book breezes along. It is an easy, enjoyable read that left me laughing in most of the chapters. Some of the stories are true. Some are those inventive, outlandish outdoor tales that got dreamed up around someone’s campfire and just kept growing with each telling.

Life in the outdoors generates humorous moments, but not always. Sometimes danger, and even untimely death can come calling. In “Conversations” there are also some sad, scary and poignant recollections about heroic rescues and acts of heroism that resulted in ultimate sacrifice.

The Caverlys have much to be proud of, not only two lives well lived, but for their outstanding service to Maine and our precious wilderness areas.

“Conversations,” with illustrations by Frank Manzo, is published by Leicester Bay Books. Autographed copies are available for $18.95 from the author by emailing him at [email protected]. or call at 207 907 0517. For mail orders send a check payable to Tim Caverly for $18.95, plus  $1.04 for state tax and $4.00 for postage to: Tim Caverly, 220 Morgan Lane, Millinocket, ME 04462.

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