Night Killers: Blood Lusting Poachers


Night Killers Blood Lusting Poachers

By Timothy C. Flanigan

Retired Pennsylvania Game Warden, Timothy C. Flanigan, puts the reader in the right-hand seat on night patrol. In his new book, Night Killers: Blood Lusting Poachers, he recounts incidents of investigating, pursuing, arresting, and prosecuting villainous NIGHT KILLERS encountered during his 30-year career in these immersive, action-packed true tales of poacher attempts to take wildlife illegally.

Purchases for the paperback are available through for $14.95 or hardback for $21.95, then settle in for all the action.

Learn how experience, training, skill, and luck countered the outlaw’s killing schemes. The stories recount the risks faced when dealing with bloody-minded NIGHT KILLERS and the drama surrounding each wildlife criminal apprehension. These riveting chapters of black-hearted deeds done in darkness are brought to light by a respecter of wildlife who spent decades protecting it. According to the author, the thrill of success was addictive. 

A book worth purchasing – “The stories were so intriguing it was hard to put it down. Tim’s skill as a writer kept me captivated from front cover to the very end. His storytelling capabilities puts you on patrol with him. I sure hope there are more books to come.”

Brett Bowser

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