Fly Fishing Maine

The book I should have written years ago. Foreword by the late George Smith (Maine’s most visible fishing and fish promoter,) along with chapters from many of the best-known outdoor personalities in the state, and artwork from Maine artists David Footer and Karen Talbot, make this a unique book.  Offered in the popular and convenient … Continued

Hunting Small Woodlots

BY V. Paul Reynolds Most deer hunters are drawn to the big woods. Admittedly, there is nothing like the North Woods for those who like to cover lots of ground, explore new territory and get away from the crowds and posted land. But deer hunting in small woodlots, I have found, can be highly productive … Continued

Finding Trophy Bucks

By Stu Bristol One of the most common cop-outs among deer hunters is the statement, “Every deer is a trophy, regardless of size.” This is true in most cases. However, under their breath they still consider a real trophy begins either with extra wide antlers or over that magic 200-pound weight. I get asked more … Continued

Bear Meat’s Bad Rap

By V. Paul Reynolds   What does bear meat taste like? If you google the question, you’ll get a variety of answers. ” It can be gamey and greasy.” “Hard to describe.” “It tastes a little like beef and a little like pork.” Over the years, I’ve tried just about every wild critter Maine has … Continued

Pa’tridge in the Pan

  By V. Paul Reynolds   Before me in my garage office are three books about hunting grouse (pa’tridge). These books are large ,elegant, top-shelf coffee-table books with brilliant glossy pages and generous full-page photographs of grouse, gun dogs and upland bird hunters. One of them is “A Passion For Grouse.” It is a keepsake … Continued

The Buck Moon

By Joe Judd I was reminded recently, that the full moon in the month just passed is often referred to as “The Buck Moon”! Now, I might have already known this and simply forgotten it, and perhaps you knew this as well! But all it took was a little research to remember that the “Buck … Continued

Bull Named Yukon

By Nathan Theriault Being a bush pilot certainly has its perks. Aside from acquisition cost, operating cost and of course everything that goes into achieving a Private Pilot License and maintaining it. With this investment of time and money it has helped us to put eyes on bulls many wouldn’t have ever seen. The bull … Continued

Mr. Bean’s Boot

  Mr. Bean‘s Boot is one of over a dozen books and novels written by native Mainer, Bud Simpson. “I opened the covers of a 1904 copy of In the Maine Woods magazine and turned the pages. What I found on page 170 made my eyes pop open. I was looking at a photograph of an … Continued

Sporting Journal’s Top Shelf Game & Fish Recipes

Bear Bourguignon 1. Sauté 1/4 c. Butter with 1/2 lb shrooms, 1/2 lb small white onions and 1 tsp. Sugar. Then set aside in a bowl. 2. Fry 3 strips of bacon until crispy. Crumble and add to the veggies. 3. In the bacon grease brown 2 lbs of bear meat (stew cut). 4. Add … Continued

Love at First Bite

BY V. Paul Reynolds No matter how many years you visit a place like this, you do not take it for granted. Most remarkable is how this particular place has changed little in more than a half century. The fishing is almost as good as it was when I first fished it so long ago. … Continued

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