What’s the Story on Moosehead Lake Brookies?

By V. Paul Reynolds Henry David Thoreau, beholding Moosehead Lake for the first time, wrote this: “a gleaming silver platter at the end of the table.” If only he could have seen the lake from the air! The first time that I saw the big lake from the air in a northbound ski-plane my jaw … Continued

Mysteries of Survival

By V. Paul Reynolds   In America today a once respectable word has taken on negative connotations. The word “survivalist,” to the average contemporary news consumer, conjures a vision of a bearded, wild-eyed anarchist who shoots at FBI agents from his mountain cabin. Yet there are other kinds of survivalists, from mountain climbers and deep … Continued

Hunting Winter Coyotes

By Justin Merrill In the event you do venture out to howl in a coyote this January or February be prepared to sit at least an hour or longer. Dress for the occasion. Pick your spot carefully. Contrary to what some people believe, coyotes are extremely social animals. Anyone that spends over 460 hours a … Continued

He Handles the Thieves

By Dave O’Connor   Duck season was due to open the following morning. We were late getting out of work and slightly tired when we got to Home Base, the hunting camp in the backwaters of Merrymeeting Bay. That something was wrong was easy to see, the door was open, the lock smashed. The old … Continued

Why Try Brand

By Dave O’Connor “So you’re trying to be like Herself, just a bit of downright cussedness that runs to your core?” He was ugly. I suppose in looking back on it that he was probably right to think that I was selling him down the drain. It wasn’t that I made a practice of it, … Continued

Corn Not Meant for Man

By Dave O’Connor In states where dairy farming is important the corn crop is often tied to a lot of small farms. The acreage devoted to this valuable crop is some of the best on the farm. In New England, and many other locales, the raccoon is the number one pest to keep under control. … Continued

The Fly Rod

By Bob Cram Lawsuit turned beet red. Sputtering he jumped into the seat of the Navigator and slammed the door. Through the open window, he glared at Joe. Joe pulled the Jeep to the side of the dusty road and we both looked out over the small beaver pond on Keeper Brook. “It’s right beside … Continued

The Blackpowder Bruiser

By Hal Blood At 3 o’clock after traveling through the open country, he headed into the green growth. I told Will that we would leave him for the night and pick up the track in the morning. Another deer season is in the books. Congratulations to all of you that punched your tag. I have … Continued

Kids and Hunting

By Josh Cottrell We didn’t need to kill a deer to have success. For me, this still carries on today. Sometimes figuring the deer out is the win. Looking back at the beginning of deer season, to youth day for deer, I truly enjoyed going through the Facebook posts and looking at the grip and … Continued

North Woods Honey Holes

  By Jeff Labree . As a fishing guide I spend most of my time on rivers and streams. These are usually fast flowing with deep pools and productive runs. When I have a day or two to myself, I love going to a small beaver flowage or little brook. Whether you are a fly … Continued

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