Good News for Maine Deer Yards!

By V. Paul Reynolds     There is very good news for Maine’s whitetail deer. LD 404, an Act to Preserve Deer Habitat, a deer-yard protection measure is a done deal! Not in all my years in reporting on the Maine outdoors can I recall a single legislative initiative with such potential to salvage Maine’s … Continued

Results of Maine Deer Hunter Survey

Edited by V. Paul Reynolds     The Northwoods Sporting Journal received 59 responses to its deer hunter survey. These responses have been collated and are reported below. Although the statistical validity of this survey may not comply with scientific protocols, it does lend some anecdotal insights into what Maine deer hunters are thinking and … Continued

Tips for Bear Hunters

By John Floyd   In recent years, the smartphone and social media have by far saved more bears during the bait season than any other factor. No matter how emphasis I put on this, I still have clients, season after season, getting caught banging away on their phones instead of being still, focused and quiet. … Continued

Game Wardens Needed

By Kale O’Leary   With openings in virtually every corner of the State of Maine, I encourage anyone who has ever thought of pursuing this career to reach out to your local Warden, inquire about meeting to have a coffee or even ride along for a day to learn more about the job. The Maine … Continued

Spruce Mountain Sasquatch

By Robert Spearin Up on Spruce Mountain, down there on Route 9, There’s a place that’s forgotten by man and by time. It’s a ten acre place where no one has gone, With some cliffs and a cave and it’s own little pond. And a cloud always hides it so no one would know That … Continued

The Lowly Togue

By V. Paul Reynolds In the lineup of Maine’s game-fish inventory, our togue (Lake Trout) is the black sheep of the family among salmonids. In the frying pan, compared with a pan-fried brookie or a poached landlocked salmon, the togue is not memorable table fare. Togue have remarkable longevity, some living up to 20 years. … Continued

Best Spots in Maine for Summer Moose Sightings

  By V. Paul Reynolds Of course, each WMA (Wildlife Management Area) has its own unique terrain and habitat, but there are common denominators: bogs and dead waters are always a good bet, as well as small ponds with lily pads and other aquatic vegetation. Time of day is also key when shopping around for … Continued

Deer Yards: Can We Save Them?

By David Trahan It is hard to believe, but at one time northern Maine was a world-renowned destination for adventure seeking whitetail deer hunters on a quest to harvest 200+ pound bucks. Any Sunday during the November deer season, trucks and cars would pour out of northern Maine with big bucks tied to the top … Continued

What Flyline and When

BY Bob Leeman Are some of these lines better than other flylines? Actually, despite differing in color and price, a (WF) weight forward floating flyline will do what they say they do-that is, float better and perhaps longer, if coated. The Question Do you really know how many kinds of flylines are available to anglers … Continued

Game Camera Buck

By Bud Utecht   With the camera set to video, I was able to watch him thrashing the branch above him and paw at the scrape. Now I was pretty thrilled that he had been there and it was boosting my long- gone confidence in this spot. I have read a few articles recently, even … Continued

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