Legendary Maine Bucks

By V. Paul Reynolds   Maine has long been famous for its “monster” whitetail bucks. Of course, the most fabled of these is the 1955 Horace Hinckley buck, a big-toed bruiser that field-dressed at a jaw-dropping 355 lbs! No other buck has since come close to this famous buck, when it comes to sheer weight. … Continued

Talking With Turkeys

  By Stu Bristol A wise old southern turkey hunter once told me I would begin to learn about wild turkeys the first day out and it would take the rest of my life to try and learn the rest. After nearly five decades of chasing wild turkeys and killing more than my share, it’s … Continued

The 16 Gauge Resurgence

By Tom Kelly The resurgence in lighter, sleeker shotguns has prompted some of the major shotgun manufacturers to introduce some newer versions of the 16 gauge in the last few years. The 16 gauge was another victim of the magnum craze. It seemed like for a while if it didn’t have a 3” or 3 … Continued

The Legacy Lives On

By V. Paul Reynolds & Sam Huston     Averill “Blackie” Black of Bangor passed on recently at 93. He was a brother-in-law and long-time hunting and fishing companion, a teller of tall tales round the campfire and a founding member of the Skulkers of Seboeis, a hunting club to which I am a member. … Continued

Electric Snowmobiles

By Rod Fraser   Let’s breakdown the comparisons between the Taiga and the other big brand gasoline-powered snowmobile models so you can determine if an electric sled would be a good choice for you. To those of you who routinely read my column, thank you very much for your support! You may remember back in … Continued

Moosehead Lake’s Jaw-Dropping Brook Trout

By V. Paul Reynolds Henry David Thoreau, beholding Moosehead Lake for the first time, wrote this: “a gleaming silver platter at the end of the table.” If only he could have seen the lake from the air! The first time that I saw the big lake from the air in a northbound ski-plane my jaw … Continued

More Moose Permits

By: Lee Kantar The spruce budworm outbreak of the 1970s created widespread moose habitat across the commercial forestlands of Maine spurring an increase in moose numbers through the late 1990s. While this was great for moose hunters and wildlife watchers alike, animal populations that grow too dense can create problems when too many animals are … Continued

The Mystery of Big Bog

By Kale  O’Leary   In the spring of 1923, closure was finally brought to the case, or so they thought, as the bodies of Brown and Johnson were discovered in the water at Big Bog. One man was found in the Dam, while the other was found downstream. Throughout the fall and winter of 1922, … Continued

The Grouse Blunder

By V. Paul Reynolds   A number of years ago when I was a working newspaper editor, the silent unsung heroes of the newsroom operation were the “copy editors” on the copy desk. These word and fact sleuths did not wear green eye shades or elastic arm bands, but they were meticulous and detail oriented … Continued

A Maine Angler’s Logbook

Like his popular hunting book, Maine Deer Hunter’s Logbook, the veteran outdoor writer and lifelong angler recounts tips, tales and tactics gathered from his years on the waters of Maine, New England, Labrador, Newfoundland, Alaska and the West. Send a check for $17.95, plus $2.00 for postage to: Maine Outdoor Publications, Maine Outdoor Publications, 51 … Continued

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