Maine Fall Fishing Hot Spots Statewide

Region A- SEBAGO Outlook on the fall season: September is one of the best fishing months for rainbow trout in Maine.  The fish are still in the best part of their growing season and water temperatures in the top layers of the lakes are cooling which allow trout more access to a variety of prey in … Continued

Hunting Mountain Whitetails

In the deer hunting world, nothing compares to the challenge of killing Big Woods bucks on public land. Mountain whitetails provide the ultimate opportunity for adventure and the chance to test your skills as you pursue mature bucks on their terms. This book is designed for those wanting to take the mountain challenge. Hunting Mountain … Continued

Last Gun Dog

Backtrack By V. Paul Reynolds The huge, bear-like dog came out of nowhere. It pounced upon Sally and clamped its big jaws around her throat grinding her into the dirt. My 15-year old, frail English Setter kicked and yelped in pain as the St. Bernard shook her like a rag doll. I yelled and kicked … Continued

The Master Trapper Course

Ever wish you could sit around a campfire with today’s top trappers and listen to their stories and knowledge gained from decades of running the ‘line? Imagine what could be learned from a single conversation! Well, The Master Trapper Course is your opportunity to learn from the masters! Featuring Mark Zagger, Red O’Hearn, Ron Leggett, … Continued

Bucky Owen: A Good Guide

  By Mark McCollough One of Bucky’s outgoing graduate students took me aside and confided, “Here is the secret of surviving as Bucky’s graduate student. Bucky will have 10 ideas. Your job is to figure out which one is the best!” If you are fortunate, you will meet generous people in life who will take … Continued

Tactics for Big Moose

  By Nathan Theriault You have been drawn for a once-in-a-lifetime moose tag. Or maybe, second, third or fourth. If that is the case, you are extremely lucky or blessed. There’s nothing wrong with a little of both, if it gets you a tag. However, being lucky alone does not work so well today with … Continued

The Bear Rifles

Maine Deer Hunter’s Logbook By Tom Kelly I ask my bear hunting clients to come to camp with a rifle of at least .30 caliber. If you have ever read this column before, you have heard this many times, so I will not repeat my reasons why. Rather than my opinions, lets look at results … Continued

Decline in Woodsmanship

Maine Deer Hunter’s Logbook By Hal Blood As I said in my last column, I’m amazed at how many hunters today can’t even use a compass. That is why very few hunters venture more than a quarter of a mile from a road. Last month I wrote about the lack of navigation skills that keeps … Continued

Message from the Editor

  The Sporting Journal’s “New Normal” Some sage once said that in life “change is the only constant.” How true that is. The Covid-19 era underscores the profound nature of change like nothing we have seen in many years. Uncertainty, confusion, and anxiety have seemingly combined to put fear as the central emotion that seems … Continued

Parmachenee Lake- The Hidden Jewel

By Bob Romano The Native Americans of the region did not keep written records, and for this reason it is hard to distinguish between fact and fiction when it comes to their legacy, but there are a number of tales that involve Chief Metallak. Located deep within the northwest corner of Maine’s vast forestland, Parmachenee … Continued

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