Warden Pilots

By V. Paul Reynolds Sooner or later, most career game wardens place themselves in harm’s way in the line of duty. The same can be said for game warden pilots who often are called upon to assist, from the air, in coordinated ground searches for missing persons. More often than not the weather is nasty, … Continued

Mean Seeds

By Paul Fuller       The prairies are calling.  I believe it was Bing Crosby who gave us this lyric:  Home, home on the range, where the deer and antelope play.  I’ve been getting many inquires recently about hunting the prairies.  I’ve written many times about hunting the prairies in this column, however, one issue I haven’t … Continued

Moose of the Slash

BY Mark McCollough In the deep woods of northwestern Maine, it is known as “The Slash.” Maine’s 292-mile border with the province of Quebec is not impressive, just a 40-foot swath cut through the spruce, fir, and cedars. Most power line rights-of-way are wider. About every half mile or so is a waist-high boundary monument … Continued

Maine Deer Hunter’s Logbook

  By V. Paul Reynolds For the diehard deer hunter: A 181 page authentic Maine hunting book, loaded with photos. A keepsake edition written by veteran hunter and Northwoods Sporting Journal editor V. Paul Reynolds, “A Maine Deer Hunter’s Logbook” has been a popular book with readers of the Northwoods Sporting Journal and continues to … Continued

From Within – Intrigue on the Allagash

Experience Maine’s Allagash with retired Supervisor Tim Caverly in his new book “From Within- Intrigue on the Allagash.” Allagash Ranger James Clark has taken an oath to uphold Maine laws. But what happens when politics demand differently? To order this book send a check for $16.80 plus $3.50 for postage to: Tim Caverly 220 Morgan … Continued

The Anticosti Experience

By V. Paul Reynolds   Anticosti. Just drop this single word before any dedicated deer hunter and you immediately spark visions of a deer hunter’s paradise, a mythical place of dreams, where whitetails abound in a wild setting of dense black spruce thickets, daily snow squalls, winding rivers and low-lying open bogs. The ads and … Continued

Henry Arms Celebrates 25th Anniversary

By V. Paul Reynolds This year Henry Arms is celebrating its landmark 25-year celebration as one of the country’s largest long gun manufacturers and the leading lever action maker. Anthony Imperato Henry Repeating Arms Founder and CEO Anthony Imperato took his first step into gun making by taking out a home equity loan in 1993 … Continued

One Night in Alaska

By Dave Willette “Shoot that bear! Shoot that bear! Be quiet and get on that bear.” Those were the exact words of my outfitter/guide Chet Nettles, owner of Alaskan Guided Hunting, and it was the culmination of a long and strange journey. This Brown Bear hunt was originally scheduled in the Winter of 2020 as … Continued

Fall Backwater Brookies

By Stu Bristol With striped bass still off the beaches in numbers and fall lakes and ponds heating up again, why would any angler in his/her right mind head into the backwater streams in search of a limit of five brook trout? Here in southern Maine anglers are spoiled with the amount of fishing opportunities … Continued

Fly Fishing Summer Bass

By Al Raychard        For many fly fishing enthusiasts trout are the name of the game. I’m a big fan of the various members of the “trout” clan, too and have been fortunate to travel from the remote fly-in regions of Labrador, Quebec and Alaska to the high altitude ponds in the Rockies to … Continued

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