Chasing High Adventure

Chasing High Adventure by Ken Winters Having survived the unexpected charge of a ferocious African lion, being trampled by an enraged elephant, shot at while parachuting behind enemy lines, Ken Winters spent his life ignoring danger in his passionate pursuit of adventure. This is his extraordinary life story, during which he survived five near-death experiences. … Continued

Fishing the Belgrades

Maine Angler’s Logbook by Dennis Bolduc Ever since I was a kid growing up in Waterville, fishing in the Belgrades was a topic I heard often. Unfortunately, my family did little to none when it came to fishing. I was very fortunate to have lived next door to some great neighbors who always took the … Continued

Walter Arnold, Maine Trapper

  Walter Arnold, Maine Trapper by Jeremiah Wood   Relive a bit of trapping history with stories from Maine legend Walter Arnold. For decades, Arnold spent his winters pursuing valuable furbearers out of remote cabins in Maine’s north woods. Later in life, he gained great notoriety as one of the last mountain men, living alone … Continued

The Last Camp Geezer

  Maine Deer Hunter’s Logbook By V. Paul Reynolds Back when America produced real leaders, one of them – Gen. Douglas MacArthur – said in one of his famous speeches that “old soldiers never die, they just fade away.” Maybe the same is true of old sportsmen. As a stalwart deer hunter from the Old … Continued


  Squaretail by Bob Mallard   The most complete book about brook trout in a generation.  Biology, history, lore, modern culture, tackle, technique, angling records, where-to (native waters, nonnative waters, public lands, life forms, water types, other), status, threats, conservation, and resource listings.  Over 225 pages and 200 full-color photographs, art, and maps.  Lots of … Continued

25 Best Towns Fishing for Trout

25 Best Towns Fly Fishing for Trout by Bob Mallard A unique book that looks at towns with access to multiple waters versus specific waters.  Includes Rangeley, Maine; North Conway, New Hampshire; Manchester, Vermont; Hancock, New York; State College, Pennsylvania; as well as West Yellowstone, Ennis, Livingston, and Missoula, Montana; Jackson and Cody, Wyoming; Grayling, … Continued

Best Spots in Maine for Summer Moose Sightings

  By V. Paul Reynolds Of course, each WMA (Wildlife Management Area) has its own unique terrain and habitat, but there are common denominators: bogs and dead waters are always a good bet, as well as small ponds with lily pads and other aquatic vegetation. Time of day is also key when shopping around for … Continued

Cougar Encounters in Maine

Maine Cougar Sightings Editor’s note: There are a variety of names that connote the same animal: mountain lion, cougar, panther, puma and catamount. Tiff Shuttlesworth, Brewer “In November of 2019 I saw, unmistakably, a cougar walking along the wooded edge of my back yard early one morning. (I have 8 acres surrounded by large woods) … Continued

Cougars: Are They in Maine?

  By V. Paul Reynolds The question persists. More than 25 years ago, as editor of the official magazine for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIF&W), the same question was addressed by me in an article that sought to dig deep and find credible answers. At the time, despite a number of … Continued

Maine’s Record Buck: The Whole Story

Maine Deer Hunter’s Logbook By Richard Bernier For unexplainable reasons even to Horace, he never moved or made a sound. Something within (a gut feeling most successful hunters have learned to trust) told him there was more action to come. No sooner had that thought passed when the buck of any hunter’s dream was sneaking … Continued

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