Mr. Bean’s Boot


Mr. Bean‘s Boot is one of over a dozen books and novels written by native Mainer, Bud Simpson.

“I opened the covers of a 1904 copy of In the Maine Woods magazine and turned the pages. What I found on page 170 made my eyes pop open. I was looking at a photograph of an L. L. Bean Hunting boot! Only that particular boot hadn’t been invented until 1911 or put into production until 1912! What was going on here?”

Bud’s book reveals, with clear evidence gleaned from pre-1910 magazine advertisements, period catalogs and manufacturers’ house organs, that L.L. Bean was NOT the inventor of the L. L. Bean Company’s “iconic, legendary, flagship product” as the company has claimed for more than 110 years!

Part 1 of the book follows bud’s career in the shoe and boot industry and verifies that he is, indeed, qualified to speak on this subject.

Part 2 contains entertaining lore and sometimes comedic stories in what he calls, “… tall and not so tall tales about Bud-man’s adventures in Shoe-land.”

Part 3 gets down to the real nitty-gritty of the book and convincingly reveals all the evidence he has uncovered that proves his contention that Mr. Bean did NOT invent his famous boot.

The book is well worth the price of the $12.95, plus shipping, price tag. It can be ordered from any bookstore or online from the publisher, or, if you insist,

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