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Allagash by Gil Gilpatrick   Allagash – the name itself evokes a sense of awe and adventure that only this wilderness area can convey. In Allagash, Gil Gilpatrick skillfully weaves fact and fiction to whisk you back through time on this legendary waterway. The fact in this exciting book is based on careful research – the … Continued

Outdoor Adventure Trips

Outdoor Adventure Trips by Gil Gilpatrick   Master Guide Handbook-Outdoor Adventure Trips takes you step-by-step through every stage of planning and conducting a successful outdoors experience. It’s packed with field-tested advice, handy checklists, real-life stories, and practical examples. Wilderness leadership skills are essential for anyone who plans to spend more than a day in the … Continued

Building Outdoor Gear

Building Outdoor Gear: Build Safe, Comfortable Gear for Your Outdoor Adventures by Gil Gilpatrick Building Outdoor Gear is the result of decades of building and trail testing outdoor gear. From canoe paddle and pack frame to reflector oven and trip box, you’ll find clear, concise instructions for making the equipment you need for a pleasant … Continued

Building Snowshoes and Snowshoe Furniture

Building Snowshoes and Snowshoe Furniture by Gil Gilpatrick In Building Snowshoes and Snowshoe Furniture you will learn how to make beautiful snowshoes will find plans for these great snowshoe furniture projects along with detailed instructions to see you through each step in the construction. This book may be purchased for $19.95 from Amazon or … Continued

The Allagash Guide

The Allagash Guide by Gil Gilpatrick If you are thinking about taking an Allagash canoe trip The Allagash Guide is for you. You will find information about what to take, how much time you will need, where to start, what to do about your vehicle, campsites and much, much more. You will start your first trip … Continued

Learning to Track and Hunt Wilderness Whitetails

    Learning to Track and Hunt Wilderness Whitetails by Mark Scheeren Tracker and Big Woods Bucks team member Mark Scheeren takes the reader through a lifetime of hunting experiences in the big woods of Maine and the Adirondacks, as well as the willow-choked river banks of Montana and forest-lined farms of upstate NewYork. Whereby … Continued

Tracking Whitetail Bucks

Tracking Whitetail Bucks Stories from the Trail in the Big Woods by Hal Blood “Come along with me on the track as I take 25 Big Woods Bucks, starting with the very first one that I tracked down. Everything I learned about hunting these majestic bucks, was from following hundreds of bucks over the past … Continued

AMC Maine Mountain Guide

AMC Maine Mountain Guide by Carey Michael Kish (Appalachian Mountain Club, $24.95, 590 pp.) The Maine Mountain Guide, an essential companion for outdoor enthusiasts since 1961, is the only comprehensive hiking guide to the mountain trails of Maine. The 11th edition of the venerable guide describes 625 trails on 300 mountains, from Acadia National Park … Continued

AMC’s Best Day Hikes Along the Maine Coast

AMC’s Best Day Hikes Along the Maine Coast by Carey Michael Kish (Appalachian Mountain Club, $18.95, 276 pp.) Explore the full length of the rugged coast of Maine in 50 terrific hikes with AMC’s Best Day Hikes Along the Maine Coast, enjoying classic views, historic lighthouses, and abundant natural beauty. Walk through century-old stands of white pine … Continued

Confessions of a Snowmobile Enthusiast

Rod Fraser – Confessions of a Snowmobile Enthusiast Northwoods Sporting Journal columnist and veteran snowmobiling expert Rod Fraser shares his love of the sport of snowmobiling through stories, insights and advice for snowmobilers of all levels of expertise. Rod grew up riding snowmobiles and in this book he shares his years of experience with the reader … Continued

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