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Written On Water

  Written on Water by Downeast Maine guide Randy Spencer is an extraordinary collection of tales about Grand Lake Stream, a part of Maine that truly is, as those who reside there call it, “back of the beyond.” Teeming with drama, mysteries, and laugh-out-loud moments about eccentric and lovable individuals, these nostalgic oral histories share … Continued


  Squaretail by Bob Mallard   The most complete book about brook trout in a generation.  Biology, history, lore, modern culture, tackle, technique, angling records, where-to (native waters, nonnative waters, public lands, life forms, water types, other), status, threats, conservation, and resource listings.  Over 225 pages and 200 full-color photographs, art, and maps.  Lots of … Continued

A Maine Angler’s Logbook

Like his popular hunting book, Maine Deer Hunter’s Logbook, the veteran outdoor writer and lifelong angler recounts tips, tales and tactics gathered from his years on the waters of Maine, New England, Labrador, Newfoundland, Alaska and the West. Send a check for $17.95, plus $2.00 for postage to: Maine Outdoor Publications, Maine Outdoor Publications, 51 … Continued

Behind the Cast

Behind the Cast, by Dale Wheaton True tales from a lifetime guiding anglers on the waters of eastern Maine. A fun read, a wonderful gift. And now available to all of you! “Storyteller and guide Dale Wheaton catapults Downeast outdoor humor to a whole new level…If there ever truly was a must-have book for an … Continued

The Great Maine Moose Hunt

“The Great Maine Moose Hunt” by Roger Lambert celebrates 40 years of Maine Moose Hunting. The book’s aim is to give a true representation of the “phenomenon” on the woods and waters of Maine that is the Great Maine Moose Hunt. Roger Lambert, a Master Maine Guide and his friend James Cote, conspired to coordinate … Continued

Further Meanderings of a Snake Meadow Editor

By Paul E. Chase The author is a 35-year member of the popular and well-known Snake Meadow Club located in the towns of Plainfield and Killingly in Eastern Connecticut. For 28 of those years he edited the club’s newsletter, Snake Meadow Happenings. Several of those columns involved experiences at the club, hunts throughout Connecticut, Vermont, … Continued

Hunting Mountain Whitetails

In the deer hunting world, nothing compares to the challenge of killing Big Woods bucks on public land. Mountain whitetails provide the ultimate opportunity for adventure and the chance to test your skills as you pursue mature bucks on their terms. This book is designed for those wanting to take the mountain challenge. Hunting Mountain … Continued

The Master Trapper Course

Ever wish you could sit around a campfire with today’s top trappers and listen to their stories and knowledge gained from decades of running the ‘line? Imagine what could be learned from a single conversation! Well, The Master Trapper Course is your opportunity to learn from the masters! Featuring Mark Zagger, Red O’Hearn, Ron Leggett, … Continued


Maine Deer Hunter’s Logbook By V. Paul Reynolds From Islandport Press, a seasoned Maine outdoorsman retraces his steps with precision, poignancy and pluck. “Backtrack” will deepen your connection to the outdoors, bring a smile, and may even stir your soul. From deer camps and green drakes and tips and recipes, to outdoor calamities and astonishing … Continued

Chasing High Adventure

Chasing High Adventure by Ken Winters Having survived the unexpected charge of a ferocious African lion, being trampled by an enraged elephant, shot at while parachuting behind enemy lines, Ken Winters spent his life ignoring danger in his passionate pursuit of adventure. This is his extraordinary life story, during which he survived five near-death experiences.  … Continued

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