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Bigger, Better Brookies

If you survey Maine anglers to find out what cold water species of fish they most enjoy pursuing, it’s no contest. The beloved brook trout always wins hands down! Those same anglers will tell you that they would like to see Maine grow more and bigger brookies. That angler sentiment was the impetus for Maine’s … Continued

The Mooseleuk Rod

Joe laughed and at the same time lifted the fly rod and set the hook. A larger trout fought free of the water, dancing on the surface. “Ain’t she a beauty?” Eben Ramdown pointed at a slim fly rod balanced on a display stand beside the rod rack in the Mooseleuk Mercantile. “It’s a brant … Continued

Streamers for Spring Salmon

By Benjamin Rioux – Ilustration by V. Paul Reynolds Open water fishing has finally arrived in northern Maine, though any actual open water has been difficult to come by. Swinging streamers during the month of April comes with its own set of challenges, and the risk encountered while fishing these frigid waters will quickly outweigh … Continued

Good Trout Ponds

By V. Paul Reynolds I was asked recently which ponds were my top selections  for Maine  trout ponds. With over 500 lakes and ponds in the North Maine Woods, there are certainly a lot of places to fish and over the past 30 years I have had the good fortune to try many of them. … Continued

June Fishing Tips

Fishing? It is coming on strong, as it always does in June.. Truly, Maine is a sport fisherman’s paradise. Get out and wet a line. Here are some tips from the experts, the state fisheries biologists. Region A – Sebago Lakes Region “We were conducting our bass electrofishing surveys last week and bass are actively … Continued

Tips for Summer Bass

By Bill Decoteau Mike Delvisco is one of the most educated bass anglers I know and his simple approach to establishing bass patterns is a sure fire way to increase your confidence in locating as well as landing more bass……especially during the heat of summer! “Many times during the hottest days of summer the majority … Continued

Wild Trout Vs. Native Trout: Is There a Difference?

Photo courtesy of Libby Camps By John Bolland The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) is committed to protecting and enhancing its native and wild brook trout populations. This was clearly evident at last year’s Eastern States Brook Trout Initiative in West Virginia, where representatives from all states from Maine to Georgia met … Continued

The Phantom Salmon of Fording Rock

Simmering, I handed the rod over to the one-armed man. “Go ahead, old codger,” I said to myself, “show me something.” The number twelve WhiteWulff fluttered in the air and settled as milk down on the center riffle of Landing Pool. Grandfather’s amber Edwards’ Quadrate was poised. Three feet of mended drift brought the expected … Continued

For Big Fish & Fast Action: Northern Pike

Increasingly, Maine fly fishermen are discovering the pike alternative. “Pike are often considered warm water fish. But what many don’t understand,” the guide says, “is they are actually cold water fish, preferring about the same water temperatures as many trout and salmon. Sit back for a minute, close your eyes and think about fly fishing … Continued

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