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Learning to Track and Hunt Wilderness Whitetails

    Learning to Track and Hunt Wilderness Whitetails by Mark Scheeren Tracker and Big Woods Bucks team member Mark Scheeren takes the reader through a lifetime of hunting experiences in the big woods of Maine and the Adirondacks, as well as the willow-choked river banks of Montana and forest-lined farms of upstate NewYork. Whereby … Continued

Tracking Whitetail Bucks

Tracking Whitetail Bucks Stories from the Trail in the Big Woods by Hal Blood “Come along with me on the track as I take 25 Big Woods Bucks, starting with the very first one that I tracked down. Everything I learned about hunting these majestic bucks, was from following hundreds of bucks over the past … Continued

AMC Maine Mountain Guide

AMC Maine Mountain Guide by Carey Michael Kish (Appalachian Mountain Club, $24.95, 590 pp.) The Maine Mountain Guide, an essential companion for outdoor enthusiasts since 1961, is the only comprehensive hiking guide to the mountain trails of Maine. The 11th edition of the venerable guide describes 625 trails on 300 mountains, from Acadia National Park … Continued

AMC’s Best Day Hikes Along the Maine Coast

AMC’s Best Day Hikes Along the Maine Coast by Carey Michael Kish (Appalachian Mountain Club, $18.95, 276 pp.) Explore the full length of the rugged coast of Maine in 50 terrific hikes with AMC’s Best Day Hikes Along the Maine Coast, enjoying classic views, historic lighthouses, and abundant natural beauty. Walk through century-old stands of white pine … Continued

Confessions of a Snowmobile Enthusiast

Rod Fraser – Confessions of a Snowmobile Enthusiast Northwoods Sporting Journal columnist and veteran snowmobiling expert Rod Fraser shares his love of the sport of snowmobiling through stories, insights and advice for snowmobilers of all levels of expertise. Rod grew up riding snowmobiles and in this book he shares his years of experience with the reader … Continued

Four Seasons in Vermont

Gary Moore – Four Seasons in Vermont Four Seasons in Vermont is a collection of essays about life in the outdoors.  The author writes about hunting, fishing, hiking, camping and a variety fish and wildlife native to New England.  The book also features stories about life in hunting and fishing camps and tales of 50 … Continued

Fundamentals of Fly Fishing

By Joe Bertolaccini   Fundamentals of Fly Fishing ” I have tried to present, in a logical manner, a common sense approach to fly fishing fundamentals.  Included are chapters on rods, reels, fly lines and leaders, useful knots, as well as a detailed discussion of hooks and flies with colored photos.  In addition is a comprehensive … Continued

Building Turkey Calls and Owl Hooters

Stu Bristol is a widely recognized pioneer in New England wild turkey hunting and restoration. He was inducted into the New England Wild Turkey Hunting Hall of Fame in 2019. This book features step-by-step, easy to understand call-building from basics instruction to custom building. Learn how to tune and operate the various calls. Work with … Continued

Salesman Angler

By Bob Leeman Maine’s favorite fishing writer, Bob Leeman, proudly presents his biggest, boldest and best book, “Salesman Angler.” A collection of heartfelt memories from the journal of a die-hard angler who spent a better part of his life on the road – but fished every chance he got. Send a check for $21.95 plus … Continued

Coyote Wars

Coyote Wars by David Willette Finally, a no nonsense, how-to book on hunting coyotes. David Willette has assembled a thorough, useful and enjoyable book about hunting coyotes. “Coyote Wars, is one of those overdue, utilitarian book that fills a void, and does so with style and purpose. For any experienced or aspiring hunter of the … Continued

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