Learning to Track and Hunt Wilderness Whitetails



Learning to Track and Hunt Wilderness Whitetails by Mark Scheeren

Tracker and Big Woods Bucks team member Mark Scheeren takes the reader through a lifetime of hunting experiences in the big woods of Maine and the Adirondacks, as well as the willow-choked river banks of Montana and forest-lined farms of upstate NewYork. Whereby most books on the subject of hunting spend their pages on specific tactics and strategies to hunt deer, Mark goes through the chronological tale from his childhood to his late forties of discovering and learning the art of still-hunting and tracking whitetails in some of the toughest whitetail terrain on earth. Part of that journey describes a turning point at age 36, when he spent a week hunting with master tracker and guide Hal Blood. In this narrative, the expert will certainly find kindred tales, and the greenest of newcomers to the hunting world will benefit just the same. Mark’s willingness to describe the struggles and the emotions involved in the learning curve, along with his stories of success, brings a balance to the book that is missing in much of today‘s sterile, canned, media-centered outdoor presentations. This book is a refreshing and valuable piece for anyone looking to seek adventure and the skills to improve their hunting skills and track down a wilderness whitetail. Available for  $19.99 and immediate shipment from www.bigwoodsbucks.com. For dozens of other deer hunting articles, check out Hunting on this website.


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