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Awesome Alder Flies

By Joe Bertolaccini When fishing slow moving streams and ponds, I have frequently seen a black caddis like fly hatching from the shorelines. I was not aware that there was any such thing as a black caddis but what I found in reality was that I was looking at adult alderflies. In their life cycle, … Continued

Those October Trout

The coming of October heralds some of the finest trout and landlocked salmon fishing available, not necessarily in terms of numbers of fish caught, but certainly in quality of the fish and quality of the experience. For the most part, rivers and streams in Maine are restricted to fly fishing and lakes and ponds have … Continued

Understanding Fly Fishing Tippets

Maine Angler’s Logbook By Bob Mallard While restocking my Fly Vest and Driftboat Bag in preparation for spring last week, I realized just how complex the world of Fly Fishing tippet material had become. As one of the most important components in regard to a properly rigged Fly Fishing outfit, I am surprised that some … Continued

Summer Tips for Snagging Big Bronzebacks

Mike Delvisco is one of the most educated bass anglers I know and his simple approach to establishing bass patterns is a sure fire way to increase your confidence in locating as well as landing more bass……especially during the heat of summer! “Many times during the hottest days of summer the majority of bass anglers … Continued

Fly Fishing: Getting Started

So you’re going to take up fly fishing. You’ll need equipment. Thumbing through catalogs is fine, but before you take out the credit card and reach for the phone, consider buying a used rod and reel. New isn’t necessary. New doesn’t catch more fish. The major difference between a brand new fly rod and reel … Continued

Wild Trout vs Native Trout

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) is committed to protecting and enhancing its native and wild brook trout populations. This was clearly evident at last year’s Eastern States Brook Trout Initiative in West Virginia, where representatives from all states from Maine to Georgia met to identify the causes for the loss of … Continued

Good Trout Ponds

The first of July usually is prime time for the green drake hatch and larger fish in these waters become as aggressive then more than any other time of the season. With all the rainfall in June, water levels are above normal for the month of July. Canoeing should continue into the month of July … Continued

Bigger, Better Brookies

If you survey Maine anglers to find out what cold water species of fish they most enjoy pursuing, it’s no contest. The beloved brook trout always wins hands down! Those same anglers will tell you that they would like to see Maine grow more and bigger brookies. That angler sentiment was the impetus for Maine’s … Continued

The Mooseleuk Rod

Joe laughed and at the same time lifted the fly rod and set the hook. A larger trout fought free of the water, dancing on the surface. “Ain’t she a beauty?” Eben Ramdown pointed at a slim fly rod balanced on a display stand beside the rod rack in the Mooseleuk Mercantile. “It’s a brant … Continued

Streamers for Spring Salmon

By Benjamin Rioux – Ilustration by V. Paul Reynolds Open water fishing has finally arrived in northern Maine, though any actual open water has been difficult to come by. Swinging streamers during the month of April comes with its own set of challenges, and the risk encountered while fishing these frigid waters will quickly outweigh … Continued

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