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Bad Roads

By V. Paul Reynolds Most sportsman who have spent much time trying to find good places to hunt or fish have experienced bad roads. I mean really bad roads. I have seen my fair share. Their memory doesn’t keep me awake at night, but some of the worst roads left an impression. Back in the … Continued

Lost Near Second Musquacook

By Dave O’Connor Cousin Raymond and Uncle Harry arrived on the 6:30 flight. They were routed via New York’s JFK, Boston’s Logan and our home air field. The local facility didn’t impress them much, but they were polite about it. Both men, relatives of the Ole Man, were here to do some fishing in the … Continued

The Smell of Fried Fish

By Dave O’Connor When you stop to think about it, there are very few things that use the free air space around us as a method of transportation. Birds use the air. Planes, rockets, bullets, arrows and the rest are ways mankind uses the air. We all breathe air to get life sustaining oxygen. We … Continued

Hermits to the Woods

By V. Paul Reynolds In re-reading “The Maine Woods” by Henry David Thoreau, I got to thinking about hermits. They fascinate me. Let’s face it.There is not a Maine outdoorsman worth his salt who hasn’t at least entertained a fantasy about pulling the societal plug and really getting off the grid. It’s one thing to … Continued

The Free Press

By Bob Cram ( T.J. Coongate) Angus Dealman muttered angrily under his breath. “What’s that, yer say Angus?” Joe looked up from his plate of bacon and eggs. Angus was taking breakfast with me and Joe at the Five N’ Diner in beautiful downtown Mooseleuk. Now he picked up a copy of the local paper, … Continued

Nature’s Ornery Ways

By V. Paul Reynolds Whether hunting in Colorado High Country or the Maine North Woods fir forests, you always keep a close eye on the weather. In some cases weather vigilance can make the difference between being comfortable or uncomfortable – or downright miserable, or even in harm’s way. There is a mountain road in … Continued

The Motorsickle

By Bob Cram ( T.J. Coongate) On the front, between the handlebars, was bolted an ancient carbide miner’s lamp, its yellow flickering glow scarcely visible in the bright afternoon light. And over the rear, a ratty racoon tail waved at the end of a rusted whip antenna. The whole contraption tilted dangerously against a kickstand … Continued

Best Venison Recipes

  By V. Paul Reynolds When the winter winds come blowing in and temperatures hover in the single digits, cooking and consuming great food warms the tummy and the soul. These venison recipes are sure to please. Seboeis Stew This recipe has been a time-tested favorite at a Maine North Woods deer camp frequented by … Continued


From Islandport Press, a seasoned Maine outdoorsman retraces his steps with precision, poignancy and pluck. “Backtrack” will deepen your connection with the outdoors, bring a smile, and may even stir your soul. Send a check for $16.95, plus $2.00 for postage to: Maine Outdoor Publications, 51 Branchview N., Ellsworth, ME 04605. For more articles and … Continued

Are All Loons Shy and Wary?

My family and I have long regarded loons as a special bird, a coveted creature whose distant, eerie calls, especially at night, always enhanced the outdoor experience. Over the years we have chuckled at their clumsy flight characteristics, or marveled at the sight of a female swimming with chicks on her back. We have known, … Continued

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