Fundamentals of Fly Fishing

By Joe Bertolaccini   Fundamentals of Fly Fishing

” I have tried to present, in a logical manner, a common sense approach to fly fishing fundamentals.  Included are chapters on rods, reels, fly lines and leaders, useful knots, as well as a detailed discussion of hooks and flies with colored photos.  In addition is a comprehensive chapter on fly-casting principles and problems with a description of appropriate casts for different situations.  Chapters on trolling tips, salt water fly fishing and detailed fly-tying instructions with natural and synthetic materials are also included.  Finally, a collection of  Teachable Moments that feature the author’ experiences on the water with many friends and lessons learned.”  Books may be obtained from the author, Joe Bertolaccini at [email protected], at a cost of $10.95 plus $3.00 shipping.

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