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Hunting Winter Coyotes

By Justin Merrill   In the event you do venture out to howl in a coyote this January or February be prepared to sit at least an hour or longer. Dress for the occasion. Pick your spot carefully. Contrary to what some people believe, coyotes are extremely social animals. Anyone that spends over 460 hours … Continued

Why Try Brand

By Dave O’Connor “So you’re trying to be like Herself, just a bit of downright cussedness that runs to your core?” He was ugly. I suppose in looking back on it that he was probably right to think that I was selling him down the drain. It wasn’t that I made a practice of it, … Continued

A Good Tracking Day

By Hal Blood As I write this column, we just wrapped up the first week of deer season. Like many years we had some tracking snow up here in the Jackman area. Most of it came in the form of heavy squalls on Wednesday that weren’t predicted in any forecast, quite common here as the … Continued

This Old Gun

By Mark McCollough   While writing this little essay, my father slipped the bonds of this Earth in the glow of a pumpkin-orange harvest moon. He once told me that he planned to go to the “happy hunting grounds.” No eternity of singing in heavenly choirs for Dad. It was Christmas morning 1971, and I … Continued

Young Hunters: Bringing Them Along

Giving talks to Rod and Gun clubs around the state is enjoyable for me. It’s a good chance to rub elbows with good people who share a common interest. I learn a lot and always come away with new insights and topics to write about. Most of the time, the food is good, too. During … Continued

Moose Hunting: Lessons to Be Learned

A north wind was blowing snow sideways across the lake. I was hunkered down close to the woodstove, its warmth and the monochromatic view from my window provided little inspiration for moving to my computer to complete my on-line moose permit application…for the 30th time. I, like many of you, have unsuccessfully played the moose … Continued

Last Chance Buck

As another deer season comes to a close, it is time to sit back and reflect on all the places hunted and sights that were seen. For me, the memories created during the deer season are as important as the hunt itself. I can do my Monday morning quarterbacking and think about what I should … Continued

Maine Mountain Man

He had just one shot, and he had to make it count. The wounded grizzly roared out of the willows. His enormous jaws extended and eyes flashing fire. Oh Heavens! Was ever anything so hideous? We could not retain sufficient presence of mind to shoot at him but took to our heels separating as we … Continued

Moose Calling

  By Matt Laroche One of the best moose callers I know is Trevor O’Leary, the Allagash Ranger at Michaud Farm. He does some guiding on his time off for one of the guide services in the Town of Allagash. Trevor is very good at calling moose. Calling in a big bull moose during the … Continued

Deer Stalking in Scotland

Europeans demand a high code of hunter ethics. One must pass an exam for a Deer Stalking Certificate to obtain a required firearms certificate to hunt in Great Britain. Those hunting on government Forestry Commission Land must pass both the beginners and advanced course. In 1789, Robert Burns penned the famous chorus My heart’s in … Continued

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