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Henry Arms Celebrates 25th Anniversary

By V. Paul Reynolds This year Henry Arms is celebrating its landmark 25-year celebration as one of the country’s largest long gun manufacturers and the leading lever action maker. Anthony Imperato Henry Repeating Arms Founder and CEO Anthony Imperato took his first step into gun making by taking out a home equity loan in 1993 … Continued

One Night in Alaska

By Dave Willette “Shoot that bear! Shoot that bear! Be quiet and get on that bear.” Those were the exact words of my outfitter/guide Chet Nettles, owner of Alaskan Guided Hunting, and it was the culmination of a long and strange journey. This Brown Bear hunt was originally scheduled in the Winter of 2020 as … Continued

Fall Backwater Brookies

By Stu Bristol With striped bass still off the beaches in numbers and fall lakes and ponds heating up again, why would any angler in his/her right mind head into the backwater streams in search of a limit of five brook trout? Here in southern Maine anglers are spoiled with the amount of fishing opportunities … Continued

Fly Fishing Summer Bass

By Al Raychard        For many fly fishing enthusiasts trout are the name of the game. I’m a big fan of the various members of the “trout” clan, too and have been fortunate to travel from the remote fly-in regions of Labrador, Quebec and Alaska to the high altitude ponds in the Rockies to … Continued

The Forgotten Fendler Legacy

By V. Paul Reynolds It seems, for whatever reasons, one of Maine’s most fascinating and uplifting woods lore adventures has faded with time. In Maine, July 25th is Donn Fendler Day. Governor Paul LePage claimed it so in July of 2014, 75 years after a skinny 12-year old New York boy survived an incredible 9- … Continued

Summer On the Allagash

By Gil Gilpatrick Canoeing the Allagash in mid to late summer is usually great time of year for it. The weather is more dependable than at any other season. When I was asked, it is the time I most recommended for a group of friends or a family trip. The bugs, though never completely absent, … Continued

Catch and Release or Kill

By Josh Reynolds For the modern fly-fishing angler, there is controversy afoot. It seems that the social and political polarization of the past few years has threatened to pollute a sport that I love. In the angst-ridden world of social media, throughout the internet of fishing blogs, in the pages of traditional fishing magazines and … Continued

Understanding Fly Lines

By Bob Leeman Are some of these lines better than other flylines? Actually, despite differing in color and price, a (WF) weight forward floating flyline will do what they say they do-that is, float better and perhaps longer, if coated. The Question Do you really know how many kinds of flylines are available to anglers … Continued

Green Lake: A Special Fishery

By V. Paul Reynolds Among those Maine anglers who talk and ponder such things, the Arctic charr is getting a fair amount of attention these days. This cold -water native Maine fish has a Laurentian lineage, which means that its ancestors date back to the Ice Age. In the U.S, there are just 12 waters … Continued

Spring Fishing Allagash Lake

By Matt LaRoche   It is that time of year again. Time to tie a few new trolling flies, put some new line on that spinning reel and plan a fishing adventure. A spring fishing trip to Allagash Lake is a real wilderness expedition that you will remember for a lifetime! Allagash Lake is the … Continued

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