The Great Maine Moose Hunt

“The Great Maine Moose Hunt” by Roger Lambert celebrates 40 years of Maine Moose Hunting. The book’s aim is to give a true representation of the “phenomenon” on the woods and waters of Maine that is the Great Maine Moose Hunt.

Roger Lambert, a Master Maine Guide and his friend James Cote, conspired to coordinate this wonderful collection of Maine moose hunt stories from the folks who lived them. Writes Lambert, “From all the contributing authors we hope you enjoy and find happy nostalgia in these stories and continue to promote and pass on one of Maine’s most iconic heritage sports.”

Maine outdoor writer George Smith writes in the foreword to the book, “…also amazing are some of the stories in this book. I’m sure you will enjoy every single story. I sure did!”

The Great Maine Moose Hunt can be purchased for $28.50, which includes shipping and handling. Order online at: www,

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