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Last Chance Buck

As another deer season comes to a close, it is time to sit back and reflect on all the places hunted and sights that were seen. For me, the memories created during the deer season are as important as the hunt itself. I can do my Monday morning quarterbacking and think about what I should … Continued

Maine Mountain Man

He had just one shot, and he had to make it count. The wounded grizzly roared out of the willows. His enormous jaws extended and eyes flashing fire. Oh Heavens! Was ever anything so hideous? We could not retain sufficient presence of mind to shoot at him but took to our heels separating as we … Continued

The Ways of Woodcock

In cover still thick with October’s kaleidoscope of foliage, the veteran woodcock hunter picked his way toward his Brittany spaniel, “Midge,” whose bell had suddenly stopped and shouted, Bird! Briars raked his hands and clawed at his boots and legs. And in leaning backward to sidestep between alders, a branch tilted his hat over his … Continued

Moose Calling

One of the best moose callers I know is Trevor O’Leary, the Allagash Ranger at Michaud Farm. He does some guiding on his time off for one of the guide services in the Town of Allagash. Trevor is very good at calling moose. Calling in a big bull moose during the rut is one of … Continued

Best Deer Hunt Ever

By Dave O’Connor Deer hunting is a fun way to spend a few days even if you come home without any venizon. But, some truely memorable hunts stick inside the brain for decades. There was the huge buck I was tracking in heavy snow. He stood up. I fired. I was so sure I had … Continued

Deer Stalking in Scotland

Europeans demand a high code of hunter ethics. One must pass an exam for a Deer Stalking Certificate to obtain a required firearms certificate to hunt in Great Britain. Those hunting on government Forestry Commission Land must pass both the beginners and advanced course. In 1789, Robert Burns penned the famous chorus My heart’s in … Continued

Bring Them Along, Carefully

By V. Paul Reynolds It was mid-November in the Big Deer Woods. A northeast wind was rocking the hemlock tops and pushing a cold, pelting rain that seemed to penetrate the slicker beneath my wool hunting shirt. The damp, raw day was in my pores. Noon or not, it was time to call it a … Continued

The Easy Buck

By V. Paul Reynolds On average the Reynolds family freezer winds up with some venison about every other year. The math has been surprisingly consistent over the past 50 years.  Having been skunked in 2015, this past fall was to be the year to get out the Food Saver and the meat grinder. But it … Continued

Getting the Moose Out

BY V. Paul Reynolds The biggest eye-opener for most first-time moose hunters is after the animal is down. This is when the real work begins. As we all know moose are large critters, very large, and getting a 1,000 lb. carcass out of a tangled clear cut to the nearest accessible road can be a … Continued

Hitting Those Grouse

A grouse – by any other name, pa’tridge, biddie, or thunder chicken – is no easy target. In fact, this game bird’s ability to escape and evade the best of wing shooters is legendary. Outdoor writer Jim Harrison writes about the grouse hunt: “Surely it is a dream world: the nearly thundering flush and the … Continued

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