Lever Guns for Deer

By John Floyd The biggest drawback in the past when hunting with a lever gun has been ammunition. Most guns used a tubular magazine which meant having to load only round or flat nosed bullets like the .30-30 Win and .45-70 Govt. When most folks think of lever action rifles, the first thing that comes … Continued

Best Maine Deer Guns

By V. Paul Reynolds Recently on my statewide Sunday night talk radio program, Maine Outdoors (on the Blueberry Broadcasting Network), I chatted by phone with John Floyd. He is a guide-outfitter and gun writer for the Northwoods Sporting Journal. Floyd had agreed in advance to focus his comments on one of the most hotly discussed … Continued

Maine Deer Hunter’s Logbook

  By V. Paul Reynolds For the diehard deer hunter: A 181 page authentic Maine hunting book, loaded with photos. A keepsake edition written by veteran hunter and Northwoods Sporting Journal editor V. Paul Reynolds, “A Maine Deer Hunter’s Logbook” has been a popular book with readers of the Northwoods Sporting Journal and continues to … Continued

Further Meanderings of a Snake Meadow Editor

By Paul E. Chase The author is a 35-year member of the popular and well-known Snake Meadow Club located in the towns of Plainfield and Killingly in Eastern Connecticut. For 28 of those years he edited the club’s newsletter, Snake Meadow Happenings. Several of those columns involved experiences at the club, hunts throughout Connecticut, Vermont, … Continued

The Maine Whitetail Deer

Maine Deer Hunter’s Logbook by Gerry Lavigne Maine is home to one of the largest of the 30 recognized subspecies of white-tailed deer. After attaining maturity at age five, our bucks can reach record live weights of nearly 400 lbs. Most adult bucks, however will normally range from 200 to 300 lbs live weight, and … Continued

October: The Sportsman’s Gift

  By Dennis Jensen The month of October is a gift, a gift of memories and the gift of today. Sitting at the desk, staring into the vertical, empty white space on my computer, I am trying to come up with a good topic for, arguably, the most challenging month of the year, at least for … Continued

Sneakin’ a Peek

  By V. Paul Reynolds The happy angler with all the hookups could simply smile back, like Betty Lou, at your nervous query and with a smile say, “I’ll never tell.” Or even worse, “It ain’t none of your business, Bub.” More than enough books have been written about fly fishing to fill the shelves … Continued

Maine’s Record Buck: The Whole Story

Maine Deer Hunter’s Logbook By Richard Bernier For unexplainable reasons even to Horace, he never moved or made a sound. Something within (a gut feeling most successful hunters have learned to trust) told him there was more action to come. No sooner had that thought passed when the buck of any hunter’s dream was sneaking … Continued

Gunning for Grouse

By John Floyd

This month bird hunters are making their way into the logging roads and field edges in pursuit of that ever elusive, fighter jet of a game bird – the ruffed grouse. Getting back to these basics will help you put more birds in your bag.

Maine Fall Fishing Hot Spots Statewide

Region A- SEBAGO Outlook on the fall season: September is one of the best fishing months for rainbow trout in Maine.  The fish are still in the best part of their growing season and water temperatures in the top layers of the lakes are cooling which allow trout more access to a variety of prey in … Continued

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